With just a few modifications, it can be possible for you or a loved one to live comfortably at home rather than in a care facility. We can help by providing simple modifications or more extensive remodeling to accommodate most physical handicaps. The extent of these changes is determined by your or your loved ones current physical abilities. Assessments can be provided by medical care specialists that will help us determine what changes need to be made.  



 Bathrooms are the most frequently modified area of the home, widening doorways and installing “roll-in” showers or a lifting apparatus for existing tubs are modifications that can be made.

Alarms and call buttons can also be added. Sinks and vanities can be lowered or modified for wheel-chair or sit down access. Raised toilets with safety rails can also be added for comfort and convenience.

Door and Closets


 Most doorways can be widened to accommodate wheelchairs and mobility devices. Raised thresholds can be lowered allowing free access. Closet storage can be lowered to make it chair height. 



 Kitchens can be modified in many ways such as lowering upper cabinets and counter tops, roll up access to sinks and drawer mounted appliances. Most special needs can easily be met. Safety features can also be installed to help guard against accidents. 

Lifts and Ramps


 Stair lifts can provide both comfort and safety for those who cannot climb stairs. Many models are available to fit budgets and needs. Custom outdoor ramps and platform lifts can be installed to accommodate almost any need, designed to minimize space and provide east of use. Driveway grades can be modified to eliminate one or two steps and provide flat access to entryways.  



 We can help small commercial businesses update their retail establishment or office environment to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). From planning and assessment through full renovation and installation we have the experience to make your compliance as easy as possible.

Small changes and modifications as well as extensive or new construction are all services available to you. We work hard to be sure that costs are controlled and all requirements are met for each project.